The Internet Inferno

Dante's hell as seen by Flickr

Travel to the deepest depths of the internet and witness what lies in it's hellish bowels.

Actually what you see are Flickr-photos which keywords match Wikipedia's description of Dante's Inferno. Since the photos are randomly picked (only the keywords are fixed) you will see different photos every visit.
Some images could be offensive, disturbing or just plain stupid. I have no control over which photos are shown and will not take any responsability for what you see.

Scroll all the way down, if you dare, and see what lies on the bottom, the absolute deepest point of the whole world wide web...

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1st Terrace: Pride

2nd Terrace: Envy

3rd Terrace: Wrath

4rd Terrace: Sloth

5th Terrace: Avarice & Prodigality

6th Terrace: Gluttony

7th Terrace: Lust


1st Circle: The virtuous pagans

2nd Circle: Those overcome by lust

3rd Circle: The gluttons

4th Circle: The avaricious and the prodigal

5th Circle: The wrathful

6th Circle: Heretics

7th Circle - Outer ring: The violent against people and property

7th Circle - Middle ring: The suicides

7th Circle - Inner ring: The blasphemers and the sodomites

8th Circle - Bolgia 1: The Panderers and the seducers

8th Circle - Bolgia 2: The Flatterers

8th Circle - Bolgia 3: Those who committed simony

8th Circle - Bolgia 4: Sorcerers and false prophets

8th Circle - Bolgia 5: Corrupt politicians

8th Circle - Bolgia 6: Hypocrites

8th Circle - Bolgia 7: Thieves

8th Circle - Bolgia 8: Fraudulent advisors

8th Circle - Bolgia 9: The sowers of discord

8th Circle - Bolgia 10: Falsifiers (alchemists, counterfeiters, perjurers, and impersonators)

9th Circle: Traitors


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